PART 2 In this income tax made simple – know your calculations post, we learn how the calculations for your provisional tax are made.  I have simplified the calculations and advise you what you can check to ensure that the figures submitted to SARS by your tax practitioner are correct. Third ProvisionalRead More →


PART 1 Income tax made simple.  Many people will laugh when they read this as personal income tax is never simple.  There are lots of different allowances, fringe benefits, rebates and different forms to complete for different taxes.  Most people and business owners prefer not to get involved in this arduousRead More →


Most people recognize the importance of a having a Will but have not thought of the other essential things your family will have to deal with after the funeral.  A lot of families are scattered across the globe, with adult children living in other cities or countries and as a result, itRead More →


“Thrift” comes from the verb “to thrive”. To thrive means to flourish, grow vigorously, to gain in wealth or possessions, to progress towards or to realise a goal in spite of or because of circumstances… ” (Mirriam-Webster dictionary). In other words, thrift isn’t so much as cutting down or notRead More →


How will the South African National Budget 2018 affect you? VAT An increase in the value-added tax rate from 14%  to 15%. Personal Income Tax A below inflation increase in the personal income tax rebates and brackets, with greater relief for those in the lower income tax brackets. Customs andRead More →


Will sugar tax make for a healthier South Africa?  Sugary drinks are heavily consumed in South Africa and the government has introduced a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.  Coke (330ml) contains 8 teaspoons of sugar and Fanta Grape 9 teaspoons.  That’s a lot of extra tax!  Are we a country that’sRead More →


Budget planning mistakes to avoid whether you’re living month to month or you have a surplus of savings built up, learning to budget your money and maintaining an ongoing budget planner is vital to managing your money. There’s no right way to budget your money. Some people like to jot incomeRead More →