Peppermint crisp dessert

This delicious Peppermint Crisp Tart has been doing the rounds forever!  It is still my favourite – both to eat and make.  It’s so quick, easy and budget friendly that I make it quite a lot.  That’s not the only reason I make it – it tastes divine too! NotRead More →

How to get free wifi everywhere

When I travelled to New York last year I found it really stressful trying to find free WiFi in the airports. Later in Connecticut and New York, there is lots of free WiFi but you don’t know exactly which places have it. I thought there must be a way toRead More →

6 best websites for free online education

Further your education with these 6 best websites for free online education.   I did some research online and I have rounded up 6 websites that offer free or very affordable courses.  All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a couple of hours a week. When I soldRead More →


PART 2 In this income tax made simple – know your calculations post, we learn how the calculations for your provisional tax are made.  I have simplified the calculations and advise you what you can check to ensure that the figures submitted to SARS by your tax practitioner are correct. Third ProvisionalRead More →


PART 1 Income tax made simple.  Many people will laugh when they read this as personal income tax is never simple.  There are lots of different allowances, fringe benefits, rebates and different forms to complete for different taxes.  Most people and business owners prefer not to get involved in this arduousRead More →